March 6, 2009

Wrestling with Sunshine!

uncle montyThere’s something about the smell of spring and the flavor of sunshine that gets under my skin…in a good way.  Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

We started the day with ice on the windshield and ended it with swimming in the lake.  Go figure! And despite the picture of Gemma climbing all over Uncle Monty, we actually started (we as in me and Monty) with Oshi and Perrito. So let me begin there.

Oshi, as you well know, is not fond of venturing outside much, especially when the weather is challenging.  Oshi, I supspect, thinks he’s a cat and so it’s difficult for him to comprehend why anyone would go outside in the rain or the snow.  But when the sun comes out, Oshi remembers his canine roots and is all over a walk!

blue sky?So we walked through the park over to the tennis courts and were surprised to find no one playing tennis.  Oshi was surprised by the blue sky. He smiled and romped with glee all around the courts chasing both Perrito AND Monty.

Perrito did the same, but soon tired. Sun is beautiful, but it’s also warm and everyone got hot and tired pretty quickly. Perrito demonstrates the heat with tongue out and legs sprawled!


Monty was please as well and played fetch with exuberance!

happy fetchWhere's the ball?

But even we got tired and ended up resting for awhile…


But our day had just started so we took Oshi and Perrito back home, piled into the car and headed to Gemma’s house.  We’re both so glad she’s feeling better and with her new-found energy, we headed through the tunnel and down to the lake. Gemma’s too young to let her run off-leash, so while Monty and I played chase through the woods, Gemma watched and learned.

come down here!Do you see us up on the hill?  That’s how we play. We chase each other — well, Monty chases me — round and round and then we stop and box. High up on our back legs we growl and bark and slug each other. It’s great fun.

Gemma was a tad bit jealous so when Monty came by her that’s when she jumped on his back (see the first picture of this post).  He was very patient, but soon was off after me. Gemma somtimes got in the way (can you see her), but not often!

watchingflying ears

Well, we raced around so much that I got really hot. Little did Gretchen know, but at the Mud flatsbottom of the hill there was a mighty fine mud puddle.  I cooled myself off there…see my legs? My belly was just as muddy. Ah, it felt wonderful!

Gretchen didn’t think so, but it just meant we had to venture back down the hill to my next favorite thing about warmer weather!


I need a drink! That, of course, isn’t me in the water. That’s Monty. At first, he didn’t really go in very deep, but after I went out after a ball, he thought, What the heck! and waded way out there…he’s not the best swimmer, but he sure loves to take a nice long dip.

Yes, the water was chilly, but it didn’t matter.  We were hot after our game of chase through the woods and slightly muddy (slightly?) and the water was very refreshing!

Gemma thought we were crazy…and watched and smelled with great intensity…

you smell funnywatching2

She’ll learn. Water is as much fun as chase, chase is as much fun as fetch, and fetch is as much fun as wrestling with the sun!

Have a great weekend everyone,


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