March 5, 2009

jump for joyLeaping in the Rain!

What a day. It was wet and wild and wet some more and then, all of the sudden, out came the sun!  It made me leap for joy for some reason, though I think when Gretchen took this photo, I was leaping away from my pals, Gemma and Ollie, because they wanted to chew on me!

Gemma is feeling better and we are all happier for it. Well, it makes her all the more spunky, but we’re glad she’s healthier.  She lead the charge today, pestering Ollie into a game of chase. What was I to do? Join in, of course!

the chase is onShe’s gotten so much faster, that Gemma. Ollie and I have a hard time keeping up.  In my younger days, I used to be the fast one, but now these young whipper-snappers are showing me up. What’s with that?

You can see by the photograph, the courts were very wet, but in the middle of the rainstorm, the clouds parted and the sun came out.  We dried up really fast, which was a good thing because we were getting kind of soggy. Both dogs begged to go home…well, not really, but that’s what it looks they’re saying, doesn’t it?

Home?soggy doggy

We took the soggy doggies home and then fetched up Quillette.  She’s much mellower and after a walk, all she wanted to do was hang out in the kitchen just in case something fell off the counters and into her mouth!

where's the crumbs? When Momma Ann got home, she knew exactly where to stand to get her lovin — butt lovin that is!

butt lovin

We got Gemma one more time because she needed to be fed (she’s on a special diet because of her upset tummy) and we took a walk at Volunteer Park. Gemma loved that.  I’m not sure if she’s ever been there before, but she adapted well.  Gretchen had another “assignment” so she took Gemma to the playfield where kids were playing soccer and ultimate frisbee.  Gemma LOVED watching the kids play and even tried to join in at one point.

can I play? I'll help!

As you can see from these last pictures, the rain disappeared though the clouds stayed threatening.  At one point today, there was actually SNOW mixed with the rain, but not enough to stick and therefore not enough to play in. Oh well, there’s always hope for tomorrow!

Until then,


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