March 4, 2009

blurA Blur of Activity

Wednesdays are always busy partly because Gretchen teaches a class in the afternoon, and today must work at her night job.  Therefore, all dogs must be walked in the late morning.

Today, we started with Monty as we do every Wednesday. We went through the park where Monty and I did our predictable romp and game of chase. As you can see from the photographs, it was a blur of madness and fun!

blur upblurry smile

We came home, exhausted and happy, and rested while Gretchen took out Oshi and Perrito.  They went for a long walk through the neighborhood and then Perrito pulled Gretchen to the tennis courts. Apparently, when I’m not there, Oshi becomes all the more frisky, doing his best to pester Perrito.

get yaGretchen told me later, that Oshi makes her laugh.  She says that he looks so innocent and then bursts into these frantic games of chasing Perrito.

This makes it difficult for her to take photographs as Oshi (and Perrito) are racing by so quickly she ends up with only their back ends in the frame thusly…

back end

back end2

But they are happy pups (Butt?) and it’s clear from this picture how much they enjoy each other and how much they enjoy the chase!

love yathe chase

We were supposed to walk Gemma today, but she had to go to the doctor to help her upset tummy. We missed you Gemma and hope you feel better soon!



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