March 2, 2009

Is that Spring? Or Just a Business Opportunity?

The shadows of Spring
The shadows of Spring

We walked in a new park today. Traveling south, we headed to the network of paths that connect three different parks. If we wanted to, we could walk to downtown through this network, but today we didn’t have that much time.

It was warm out, amazingly warm. The sun made great shadows on the path and both Oshi and Perrito (the only dogs we walked today) raced ahead on the leash to frolick in the sun. This is rare for Oshi. He usually hangs back and waits for us to turn around and head back home. But not today.  He loved the sun as much as I did.

Lots of people were out — power walking the paths, playing with their kids at the playground, or walking their dogs. We met up with Wilson, a very young Golden Retriever, and got a chance to hand out a business card. Hopefully they’ll call because I think Wilson and I could be good friends. We’ll see. We continued walking and smelling and greeting whomever we met.

Of course, we got kind of warm on our walk and Gretchen made us rest on a bench. We’re not used to this warmish weather.

Resting uneasily
Resting uneasily

Oshi and Perrito got to sit on the bench. I, on the other hand, had to sit/stay BY the bench.

One minute we were walking in the warm sun, and the next minute it was raining. Where’d that come from?  When I looked up, a big, dark cloud hung over us and if you look closely at the front of the bench and the patterned bricks, you can see the splatters of rain.  From my face you can tell I was none too happy.

We walked shortly after our rest and met up with some more dogs, but by this time the camera was put away (to protect it from the rain).  Of course, the rain didn’t last long and soon Gretchen was snapping pictures again and Oshi and Perrito were in the lead once again.

Ah, sun! Now that's better! the head

Oshi and Perrito were our only clients today, but Gretchen and I were still busy. We went around the neighborhood and dropped off business cards to the new pet store on Jackson (Immortal Dog), the vet’s office (Four Paws), and another pet store across the street from the Co-op (Ideal Pet).We’re doing what we can to drum up business.

Later, Gretchen and I went for a long walk down to the lake where she let me go swimming! It was great fun — for about 6 swims — and then I just got too cold and refused to go in.  I lost a tennis ball to the lake (I wouldn’t go fetch it!), but I think Gretchen understood. While it felt like Spring, the lake still needs to warm up a bit before it’s ready for swimming.

On our way home, we met Lily, a large Golden Retriever and her family. We got to hand out a business card to them, too.  It got colder later in the afternoon, but still there was this feeling that Spring was lurking just beyond our reach.

Soon, I sense it, soon the warm weather will be here. I can smell it!

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