February 9, 2009

My Favorite (and Least Favorite) Things

I will admit there are a few things in this life of mine that I’m not so fond of.  The first are grates — you know the kind you come across occasionally on the sidewalk or perhaps over a bridge.  I do not like walking on them. I’ll do it if pressed, but there better be a good treat after the accomplishment. Next, I don’t like heights.  We’ve climbed mountains, mind you, and I’m fine on the way up and even on the way down, but when we get to the top, I freeze and get as low to the ground as I possibly can.

So today, when Gretchen had a free morning and we went on a walk together, I was a little miffed when she staged this picture…

Grate!Hard to tell from this angle, but I’m sitting (not standing, but sitting) on a grate and that grate hangs over the edge of a hill overlooking Seattle.  What’s beneath the grate?  About 20 feet before there is solid ground. Gretchen kept commenting about the “pretty view” but I was saying other stuff under my breath.

She got this shot, too, but she has neither a fear of heights nor grates so I stood on solid ground while she snapped photos.

seattle skylineAnd yes, that’s snow on those rooftops.  Which leads me to the things I like — snow being top of the list.  Next up, my orange and blue ball and playing fetch IN the snow…

favorite thingsNext on the list — my friends.  Today we saw Oshi and Perrito and they are kind of fun. Usually only Perrito likes the snow and gets kind of rambunctious when allowed to frolic, but today Oshi was full of energy. He chased Perrito around and around the tennis courts!

let's rompThe snow had pretty much melted on the courts so both boys got a tad wet, but they didn’t seem to mind.

yeehaw! whoopee

After we dropped (and dried) off the boys, we swung by Gemma’s house for a short walk. Gemma underwent some “procedures” this weekend so now she has to wear a rather funny lampshade on her head.

yellow gemma

Don’t think her yellow get-up slowed her down any.  While Gretchen kept her on the leash to have some control of how much she romped, she was her usual self chasing me, pestering me, and pursuing me all through the snow!

chase is onBut then we saw Christy, the mail carrier, our sole focus was on her. She’s one of my favorite things! Gemma has learned to lover her, too!


But then it was back to playing, something that is on both our lists of favorite things…

catch meMost of the snow is melted now and I’ve had quite a morning.  After this post, I plan on taking a nice long nap (something else I like) and then perhaps another walk.  This time we’ll avoid all grates and high places!


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