February 5, 2009

Foam on the Caramel Macchiato

Not as much sun today, but lots and lots of play time.  First up, Ollie who walked with us to pick up Gemma.  They hit it off like they were litter mates in a past life…

I'm gonna get ya! gemmaollie come here fast friends

I was just happy Gemma has someone else’s ears to pull on!

your ears are nice

At first I felt kind of left out, but eventually I got into the act and we played games of chase…Gemma chased Ollie, Ollie chased me, I chased Gemma…you get the idea. And then we all just chewed on each other…

happy together

After we dropped Gemma home and then Ollie, we stopped by and got the boys next door.  Not to be out done in terms of energy, they chased each other while I chased after my favorite ball.

Ready? And then they tried to convince me thet DO have faces…

see my face? my face, too

But they were lively…even Oshi!  Perrito was, of course, his usual bouncy self. Makes it hard to take photographs!

wavy man uppity gotcha!

Another busy day and though the sun didn’t really make an appearance, at least we didn’t get rained on!


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