February 4, 2009

Sunshine Part III (I could get use to this!)

Have I told you about Tinkerbell?  One day Monty and I were playing in the backyard. Gretchen took this photograph…When we saw the photo later, I asked Monty what that purple light was on his ear. He told me it was Tinkerbell.
“Whose Tinkerbell?” I asked.
“She’s a fairy,” Monty explained.
“What’s a fairy?” I still had so much to learn.
“Well,” he said, “Perhaps it’s best explained how Tinkerbell explained it to Peter — ‘When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about… that was the beginning of fairies.'”
I was going to ask who Peter was, but I didn’t want to be more of a pest than I already was. “Why did Tinkerbell show up in the picture?” was my last question.
“Oh, she shows up to mark the happiest moments of your life,” Monty explained.

Later, I read up on Tinkerbell and found out all about Peter Pan. A very nice story though there aren’t any dogs in it. Oh well.

I liked this part the best, when Tinkerbell tells Peter, “You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you.”

…fast forward to today. Need I say it?  Tinkerbell showed up today on numerous occasions…

First, with Lucy and Monty as we played fetch in the sun!

monty and the blue lightDo you see the blue light in the corners?  That’s Tinkerbell, I’m sure of it!

And then the three of us, waiting for our treat? (Well, Lucy didn’t wait very well…). Tinkerbell!

blue light 2

And then when we got Gemma and brought her over to my house for a romp and a wrestle…

blue light specialMore blue light…more tinkerbell…

And it just kept going like that all day long. Here are photos from a very special time with Tinkerbell…

Here’s one of Monty howling for his treat…it scared both me and Lucy!

what's that?the chase

The chase is on…everyone wants to play with Monty!zen resting

Monty resting by the zen rocks…he watched us play for a long time before he joined in again…

chew timeAnd then we all tried to chew on necks because we’re dogs and that’s what dogs do…

Once Gemma went home, Monty and I rested while Gretchen went for a walk with Chloe. They took a photo loop, so to speak, and checked out all the places that make for good photo opportunities…like the new view point at Mt. Baker…

the view from here

and an off-leash time at the tennis courts…

I look like a big dog!

…and finally, the obligatory pose at the Garden high atop the tractor…Chloe is very willing and obedient and she LOVES to be snuggled as a reward!


We ended the day with one last visit from Gemma and then a game of fetch in the blue glow at the soccer field…just me and Monty…

both balls!

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