February 3, 2009

Sunshine Part II

shadowI think that a shadow like this means Spring is around the corner except that Phil the Groundhog says otherwise.

Oh well!  I shall love it while it lasts.

Today was a busy, busy day.  It started with a short morning walk with Gretchen (she always takes me out solo to help me clear my mind before my work begins).  I waited at home while she ventured off to her other work (freelance writing), but when she returned, she came home with a surprise — LUCY AND OLLIE!

I was very surprised to see them both, but particularly excited to see Ollie. Ollie’s been staying with his grandmother this past month while his mom went off on her honeymoon!  Now Ollie has TWO parents and he seems to enjoy it very much. He was as happy to see me as I was to see him and we bounced on our walk down to the tennis courts whereupon we played with our usual abandon!

Ollie's back! He’s not much interested in a playing fetch, but he loves to chase me when I have the ball.  Despite the morning sun, it was kind of chilly out so Ollie wore his fashionable coat.

We warmed up quickly though and meanwhile, Lucy did what Lucy aWhere's my ball?lways does — wondered where HER ball was!

Luckily she showed no interest in my favorite blue and orange ball!

While we played, Manny showed up with his family. Manny lives up the street from me and while he’s a nice guy, we’ve had a few run-ins.  Nothing bad, it’s just that Manny kind of runs at me and well, I’ll tell the truth, it scares me. But today, Manny was on his best behavior and we had a great time!

MannyIn fact, everyone got along fabulously…I think it had something to do with the sunshine warming us all up!

new friends

Ollie particularly took a fancy to Manny, but all of us took a fancy to Manny’s family…they raced and played and threw the ball with us over and over again and that made the sunshine even more wonderful!

family fun

sunshine runningLucy, Ollie and I were sad to leave our new found friends, but everyone needed to get home and I needed to get back to work.

Yep, my ear! Next up…GEMMA!  We picked her up at noon and then went for a walk back to the tennis courts where we played “grab Rubin’s ear and NEVER let go!”….a game Gemma loves!

That Gemma, she’s pretty funny and very cute…

what's that?…whenever Gretchen tries to take a picture, Gemma is right there…RIGHT THERE checking out the situation…Silly.

After we played, we walked through the park and headed to my house where

Gemma and I proceeded to wrestle and romp. I showed her how to FRAP —

Frequent Random Acts of Play — which means I raced around the yard dodging imaginary ghosts with a huge smile on my face.  Gemma tried to catch me…

I'll get ya!

Even though my work day is over, I’m still feeling frisky so I’ll sign off now and try to get Gretchen to play tug with me in the sunshine!


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