February 23, 2009



We have returned after a few days off last week. I think it’s called vacation, but I’m not sure what that means except that we get to do things like play in the snow, play more fetch, eat more food, and sleep late!  If that’s it, then I like vacation.

Unfortunately, life got so hurried before we left we didn’t give Oshi and Perrito their photographic due last week. We walked them on Wednesday morning before we took off and then again on Saturday when we returned. We don’t have any photos from those excursions as the camera was packed away on both ends of our trip, so we took extra photos of them today.

This is Oshi. He’s sporting a new doo these days. Instead of one ponytail on top, he’s got two!pig tails Gretchen says two ponytails are called pigtails, but she was unable to tell me why. I’ll need to do some internet research later to find out why.  Anyway, Oshi looks pretty cute in his two pigtails!

Oshi and Perrito were very excited to see us today and I was very excited to see the cat who has decided to spend his time living at Oshi and Perrito’s house.  Orondo doesn’t live there permanently. He just shows up and races out or in the front door when Gretchen opens it. I LOVE that. I get very excited when a cat races by.  I just have this desire to chase it and, well, I don’t know what I’d do with it if I caught it, but it’s so fun to go crazy!  Gretchen refuses to take a picture of my excitement, but maybe one day she’ll capture it.

chase meWe went on our walk through the park and ended up at the tennis courts only because Perrito pulled us there.  Oshi wasn’t disappointed and he tried desperately to engage Perrito in a game of chase.

But Perrito was only interested in chasing me…

running with big dogs

Oshi even tried lying in wait, though to me it looked more like LION in wait…

lion in wait

Still, Perrito did everything he could to distract me and play chase with him…

head 'em off

But eventually both boys tired and just hung out watching me play.

faces of wonder

Oshi and Perrito weren’t the first dogs of the day.  First up was Lucy who was equally excited to see us.  Lucy always chooses the direction we’ll head and today it was up on the hill and down to the park by the tunnel.  It’s a great place to play since there isn’t any traffic and there’s a nice open field in which to play the game Lucy loves the most…you guessed it!

look into the crystal ball “Look into my crystal ball, Ms. Lucy!” Gretchen has a way of hypnotizing poor Lucy.

But Lucy’s getting a bit more testy with Gretchen and a few times gave her the ole stink eye. “Give me that ball!”

stink eye

Silly girl.  Even when we were supposed to rest, eat a few snacks and focus on something else, Lucy was solely intent on getting the ball out of the chuck-it.  She even tried to enlist my help, but I was more interested in my snacks!

help meAfter we walked Lucy, that’s when we picked up the boys — Oshi and Perrito (see above photos).  After that rousing morning, I thought we’d go take a nap, but Jessica called and asked us to go for a walk with Quillette. So we did.

And who did we run into?  Ms. Gemma!

Alas, Gretchen didn’t bring her camera as she thought it was a pleasure walk not a work walk.  Now she knows — always bring the camera.

Oh well, to fill in here are some photos from my vacation…

Playing fetch in the snow…

img_4068 img_4067 img_4066

Posing alone and with moms…

img_4085 img_4097 img_4065

And finally, my most embarrassing moment…when I made an icy attempt to leap over the chain at the end of the driveway. Gretchen didn’t forget her camera that time!


Thus ends my retrospective of my time away and of today…until tomorrow!


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