February 10, 2009

More Wet Stuff! (Hey, we just learned how to make the font colorful!)

We woke to more snow this morning, but it didn’t really stick on the ground much.  Made for a wet start, though, and then later in the afternoon, it really came down — snow that is, wet snow.

First up were Lucy and Ollie, both adorned in coats.  Ollie had fun chasing me around…

catch me!

And practicing his skills of levitation…he’s getting pretty good at it!

flyAnd making my ears dance on my head…

flying earsYou may ask? Where’s Lucy and what did she do while you two played?  I’ll give you one guess…

my ball ready? please throw this

Of course, when Gretchen pulled out the treats, we all sat in attention! Even Ollie…even Lucy…and always ME.

treat time treat time2 patience

On the way back home, we hiked up the big hill and walked along the bluff. Ollie got a bug in his bonnet that he had to stop at every walkway at almost every house. I think he thought he was going visiting, maybe because he had on his nice coat.  Silly boy.

Gretchen and I had lunch and then we headed to pick up Gemma.  Right when we started our walk, it started to snow again.  We didn’t mind although we were a bit worried about Gemma’s funnel-head.  Could she drown?  Not likely. She’s too much of a mover and a bouncer for any liquid to collect in her lampshade.

 funnel wonderAt first that lampshade scared me, but as we played I realized it might serve me well. Gemma couldn’t reach beyond it to grab my ears…or so I thought…

neck grabAnd as you can tell from the expression on my face, I wasn’t too happy that she persisted to figure out a way to grab my ears with her sharp puppy teeth!

yahowAnd that’s when the snow really started coming down, so we threw the ball a few more times…

snow time

…and headed back to Gemma’s house for a dry off, some lunch (hers), and one last “business” in the backyard.  Now, I imagine, we are both resting.  I know I am.

I’m dreaming of more snow!



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