Introducing Wags n’ Words

p1010024Dogs need exercise. Unfortunately, human lives are often so busy, we can’t provide our canine companions with all the exercise they need. But don’t worry, when they need to go out and you’re not there, WE’RE HERE!

While some dog walkers pick up your dog and take them to a local off-leash park, at Wags n’ Words we offer leashed walks through your neighborhood. Off-leash romps are wonderful opportunities for your dog to get exercise and socialize with other dogs, but not all dogs are cut out for the stimulation of such adventures. That’s why WE’RE HERE!

Wags n’ Words is a dog walking service designed around meeting your dog’s needs AND fitting into your busy schedule. We take dogs on leashed walks in your neighborhood and give them an opportunity to meet new friends, play in safe, enclosed areas, and take care of their necessary business while you’re working hard to pay for their kibble. If your dog feels more comfortable with leashed walks on their home territory and meeting a limited number of new friends at a time, then we’re the dog walking service for you!

Please note: We think off leash parks are great and would be happy to recommend other dog walkers who take small packs of dogs to such areas, but if you’re looking for leashed walks or a combination of leashed walks and dog park visits, please consider our unique service.

We service the following neighborhoods: Mount Baker, Madison Valley, the Central District, Judkins Park, Capital Hill, Beacon Hill, Seward Park and all the connecting neighborhoods in between!


Wags n’ Words seeks to provide your dog with an invigorating and athletic walk. While Dog Parks are wonderful places for your dog to get some off-leash exercise, they can sometimes be muddy and wild places where other visitors may not have complete control of their dogs.  At Wags n’ Words, we believe a vigorous walk through the neighborhood where a dog lives is not only a safe adventure, but can provide your dog with necessary exercise while you are away.  If you’d like your dog to visit a local park, we will be more than happy to walk them to the closest park in your neighborhood, but our primary service is to get your dog out and moving in companionship with a human as well as canine friends (like Rubin)!

30 minute – Consultation (initial meet and greet)         FREE!

30 minute- Leashed Walks     $18

60 minute – Leashed Walks    $28

Additional Dog (per dog)         $10

*All-Day Adventure (hiking on nearby trails)      $45

**Basic Obedience Walk (per hour)      $30

*Occasionally, we are willing to take your dog on our “wilderness” adventures exploring local trails in the nearby mountains.  If you’d like your dog to join us on these adventures, we’d love to oblige. We’ll let you know when such adventures are on our calendar. At no time will your dog be let off leash; to guarantee the safety of your dog and to keep her/him under human supervision at all times.  But not to worry, s/he will get a great workout!

**Need your dog to learn manners on a leash or basic commands like sit, down, wait, come here, and stay? We’d be happy to spend an hour not only walking your dog, but working on these basic commands.

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